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Ducti The Vault Wallet, Keep It Safe!

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Ducti The Vault Wallet, Keep It Safe!


Brilliant product! Very well made, great quality (made from Super Duct Tape, no ordinary stuff :D).
Comes with a patch of the Super Duct Tape if ever needed for repairs. Has 6 slots for cards (a little tight at the moment, but it will probably be easier to pull cards out with more usage). Has a a flip-up slot for a ID (drivers license, etc) which is pretty useful. Two more hidden slots that I use for coupons and other things of lesser importance. One thing unique about this wallet compared to other Ducti wallets is the coin pocket (inside), which is secured by a zip. Inside is leather which gives is a strong but flexible structure. As usual, two parts for notes/receipts. If you have quite a few cards, it doesn't stay shut as there is no locking mechanism, whcih I don't mind to much as it makes it easier to access quickly.

Thanks Present Provider for a superfast delivery!!

Much recommended.
Date Added: 31/12/2008 by Byron Morrell