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Ducti Wallets

Ducti Duct Tape Wallets - The story so far... What happens when you take three really good friends and mix them with some duct tape, a lot of time, a kitchen table, a small brown dog, day old pizza, cold beverages, a small electrical fire, no money, lots of creativity, a midget friend named Hal, and a blackout? Believe it or not you get a duct tape wallet... and then you get some heartburn and then you lose your fingerprints (thats probably a good thing), and then you quit your job, and then everyone thinks you're crazy for making duct tape wallets... suckers, what do they know! The product range started out with a cult following among US aficionados of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and other extreme sports and has moved on from there. A Ducti wallet is a statement of style and practicality, but even more a statement of ingenuity and fun. Made from Super Duct Tape, specifically engineered so that it wont lift, peel, or get sticky, the Ducti range of wallets one part high fashion, one part weekend warrior, and another part urban cool. Its amazing to see peoples affinity with duct tape. Everyone who sees a Ducti goes 'WOW!' and has to have one. We are stocking the latest range in the Classic Hybrid Bi-Fold and Triplett Hybrid Tri-Fold as well as the original style Coin Classic. The latest range benefits from various colourway options as well as being stitched for extra strength and is certainly cool urban streetwear at its best! As with all our stock, all come with FREE UK delivery on orders over £35 and are backed by our no quibble returns policy.

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